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See how to get to the most famous landmark in Rio de Janeiro. Plan your route by bus, car, subway, bike or on foot.


Visit Sugarloaf Cable Car without any worries. Our place is equipped with adapted toilets, ramps and elevators, making tourism accessible to people in wheelchairs and mobility impairment.

Vista do complexo com elevador de acessibilidade ao fundo. Elevador de acessibilidade do Morro da Urca com Pão de Açícar ao fundo
Mulher passeando com carrinho de bebê no complexo Bondinho Pão de Açúcar. Família usando o Plano inclinado


Plan your visitation safely and don’t deal with any unforeseen events.

It is not allowed:

To leave children alone. Pay attention throughout the whole ride as a safety measure.

To remove plants, soil or any other material from the green natural areas;

Set things on fire.

To throw trash.

To hunt.

To take short-cuts while on track damaging the vegetation around.

To hold fire arms or sharp objects.

To carry professional cameras without previous authorization from the marketing department.

To plunder the environment and landmarks.

To listen to music too loud.

To damage the signs.

To bring animals.

To wear bathing suits or taking your shirt off.

To deface rocks, trees or buildings.

To eat or drink inside the cable cars.

To ride the cable car with large suitcases or purses.

To clean yourself (bath) inside the bathrooms in the touristic complex.

To bring musical instruments.

To feed the animals.

To carry a large-sized tripod.

To use a drone without previous authorization.

To walk around barefoot.

To walk around wearing costumes.

To ride your skate, scooter or roller skater inside the complex.

To play ball sports.

To enter with a sunshade and beach chair.

To enter with a cooler.

Religious manifestations.

Common Questions

1. I don’t want to go anymore. Can I return my ticket and get my money back?

No tickets will be returned due to waiver. This will only occur in the event of technical failure of the cable cars..

2. Can I buy tickets for another day in advance at the ticket office?

The tickets sold at the ticket offices located in the Sugarloaf Cable Car are only valid for the day of the purchase. Purchases for other days are only available online.

3. Who is entitled to the 50% discount policy?

The 50% discount policy is applicable to: elderly people from 60 years old, people with disabilities, students and people from 13 to 21 years old.

4. Which documents are accepted as a half-payment proof statement?

For elderly older than 60 years old: Official documents with photo. Act 10741/03.
- People with disabilities: Special card, Riocard, Social Pass, Federal Pass, CRAS [Social Assistance Reference Center] or clinical report issued by an applicable public health office. Act 4,240/03.
- People from 6 to 21 years old: The following documents must be presented: original photo ID or Original valid Passport.
- Students: Elementary and High School, MBA, Masters, PhD and Post-Graduation courses.
- Public Educational System: Riocard and/or printed document proving your registration in another state + official document with photo, valid and legible expiration date.
- Private Educational System: Educational card with photo, valid and legible expiration date.
NOTE: Foreigners should present their student ID card with photo.

5. What are the payment methods accepted at the ticket office?

We accept: cash, credit cards and debit card. Brands: Visa, MasterCard, Elo, Diners, American Express,
Hipercard, Aura, PLENoCard, Brasilcard, Bradesco, Itaú, Banco do Brasil, Banrisul, HSBC, oi Paggo, PagSeguro.

6. is there any parking lot at the location?

The Sugarloaf complex does not offer any private parking lot. However, there is a public revolving parking lot (charged) monitored by the City Hall.

7. Is there any locker at the location?

No. The Sugarloaf does not offer any locker room service. For a calm ride without any setbacks, we suggest you to refer to the regulations and see what you cannot take with you.

8. How fast does the Sugarloaf Cable Car go?

Praia Vermelha - Morro da Urca: up to 6 m/s (21,6Km/h)
Morro da Urca - Sugarloaf: up to 10 m/s (36Km/h)

9. What is the capacity of each cable car?

The Sugarloaf Cable Car accommodates up to 65 passengers.

10. How high are the hills in comparison to the sea level?

Morro da Urca is 220 meters high and the Sugarloaf is 396 meters high.

11. What is the distance between the hills?

Distance: Praia Vermelha - Morro da Urca: 538 meters
Distance: Morro da Urca - Sugarloaf: 749 meters

12. Is the ride suitable for children?

Yes. There are no restrictions. All ages are admitted; however, we suggest responsible adults not to ever let the children unaccompanied during the ride.

13. Is it cheaper to buy online?

Purchases made online as equal in value in comparison to our Ticket Offices (adding the convenience fee).

14. Is there any discount policy for groups?

No. Unfortunately, we don’t grant discounts for groups.

15. Is there any discount policy for birthday occasions?

No. Unfortunately, we don’t grant discounts for birthday occasions.

16. Is the ticket valid for more than one trip throughout the day?

No, your ticket is only valid for only single ride.

17. Do I have to validate my ticket bought online?

Yes. It is required to validate the tickets bought online on a stand located at the main entrance of the Complex

18. Is the ticket valid for the entire ride?

Yes. Your ticket bought at Praia Vermelha and online is valid for the entire ride
(PRAIA VERMELHA X MORRO DA URCA X SUGARLOAF). Exclusive transport service for visits, with easy access and special treatment. Price upon request.