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Cocuruto (The Summit)

On December 14, 2010 the Companhia Caminho Aéreo Pão de Açúcar opened the exhibition “Cocuruto – the history of a line” [“Cocuruto, a história de um fio”], curated by creative director Marcello Dantas and sponsored by Banco Itaú. The 227-meter-high outdoor cultural space is the highest in Rio de Janeiro, and tells the history of the cable cars – inaugurated almost 100 years ago – using digital projections, images, machinery and other objects that are landmarks in the path of the first cable car system in Brazil.

The entire history of the Bondinho is shown using modern tools such as iPads for projections, mixing history and modern age. The project’s creative director, Marcello Dantas, coordinated the job of inventorying the collection, and was inspired by the century-old dream of Augusto Ferreira Ramos.

The idea for the project started to be developed during the renovation works concluded in 2008, when the old cable cars were replaced and a new digital operating system was implemented. The main aim of the project is to share a part of the history of the Sugarloaf, so full of significant events that deserve to be known and remembered by everyone, including the cariocas. There is no extra admission fee to the exhibition area.

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