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Corporate Events

How about a sunset cocktail party? Have you ever pictured having a moonlight dinner party? Or an outdoor breakfast or brunch, or your wedding, at one of the most famous Brazilian landmarks?

Morro da Urca, the first stop on the ride up to the Sugarloaf, offers complete infrastructure for events. The city located 220 meters below is a wonderful backdrop, day or night, and all guests surrender to the beauty of the place. Not to mention the charm of arriving in cable cars, which can safely carry up to 1.300 people per hour in 3-minute rides.

There are three different spaces available for events, which can hold from a gathering of 30 people to a grand reception for 2500 guests. The Amphitheater is perfect for cocktail parties, graduation parties, corporate events and dinner parties with stage presentations, concerts, lectures, theme parties, festivals and shows in general. The Disks space, a covered area with three circular platforms, and the Jardins (gardens) are great options for happy hour gatherings and smaller events. They provide an informal but elegant atmosphere, perfect for cocktails with an exclusive advantage: The view of the Guanabara Bay and the Sugarloaf in the back.

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