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Cota 200 Restaurant

Cota 200 Restaurante no Morro da UrcCota 200 Restaurant

For more than a century, the Sugar Loaf and its Cable-Car have ranked high among the world’s most famous landmarks: a symbol of Rio de Janeiro. Some 200 meters above sea level, atop the unforgettable Morro da Urca hill, the Cota 200 Restaurant offers a dazzling experience in every sense.

With breath-taking views and striking decor, the Cota 200 Restaurant changes over the course of the day, for lunch, happy hour or dinner.

Always ready to serve throughout the day, the Cota 200 Restaurant raises Brazilian cuisine to new levels, with unexpected flavors and ingredients, in a welcoming ambience that showcases the real elegance of the Rio lifestyle.
Come and enjoy this experience!

Bookings and further information: +55 21 2543 8200 or

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