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Your brand deserves a place like this!
More that one million people impacted annually and more receptive to the messages conveyed, since they are in a moment of relaxation and enjoyment. This is the ideal environment for your brand to interact with your target public. We have several options of spaces where you can show your products and services through the most convenient media and advertising actions for your business. A great opportunity to associate your company with the qualities of a place like the Sugarloaf: incomparable.



Several possibilities to expose your brand throughout the tourist complex on different kinds of sign boards and panels. A great way to interact with your target public and ensure visibility to your business.



As well as the traditional spaces, the place provides new alternatives for branding and customized actions.
Example: Volkswagen action – CrossFox Launch
“When we planned the launch of the CrossFox, we needed to shift some paradigms! We started to think of media spaces that went beyond the trivial. The idea came up at a party we held for our salespeople on Morro da Urca, and we immediately and unanimously felt that we had found something that fit perfectly into the positioning we wanted for our new car. The action was so successful that it hit the news in several different countries, even in Japan. It was a real show!”
Marcelo Olival – Marketing – VW do Brasil

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