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Rock Climbing

The Sugarloaf is the Brazilian mountain with the highest number of climbing trails – approximately 60. While the Sugarloaf cable cars go up and down hundreds of times, climbers prefer to reach the summit in other ways.

The first individual known climb of the Sugarloaf was concluded in 1817 by an English woman Ms. Henrietta Carstairs – who set the British flag at the top of the hill. On the following day, a Portuguese soldier pulled out the British flag and replaced it with the Portuguese one. The first group climb was on October 31, 1851 by a North American man named Burdell and a party of ten, who celebrated it with fireworks. On December 2, 1877, the Sugarloaf was climbed for the fourth time by three English men – John Branner, J. Oliver e E. Benest – but this time they put up the Brazilian flag. Early in 1889, after a trip to Europe, Brazilian emperor D.Pedro II was greeted with the word “HAIL” placed at the top of the mountain by cadets from the Naval Academy headquartered at Praia Vermelha.

Important note: The Company takes no responsibility whatsoever over any activity (guided or not) related to walking or climbing in Morro da Babilônia, Morro da Urca or the Sugarloaf.

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