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An incomparable view and excellent infrastructure: the secret to success.
The infrastructure provided in the large show houses and the competence of the planners and organizers, combined with an incomparable view and all the attributes of one of the most beautiful and well-known landmarks in the world, make sponsoring and promoting events in Morro da Urca an exceptional opportunity. Brands can provide their public with an experience that involves all senses and can generate lots of business.
Events in Morro da Urca are very well-accepted by both locals and tourists who arrive here looking forward to participating in the Carioca nightlife. With a select public of 2,000 opinion-makers in each event, as well as a high rate of involvement and integration, sponsors have a unique opportunity to be in direct contact with their audience.
There is a strong trend nowadays towards events and locations being distinctive, ensuring the success of the event and attracting considerable amounts of people.
If brand and image are important to your company, sponsorship is a key factor. An exciting venue adds value to the brand, which is associated with highly positive attributes, personality, and image that are guaranteed to imprint themselves in the minds of current and potential clients.

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