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Today, two independent large-scale aerial tramway systems operate in the Sugarloaf complex, with two cable cars on each line, running in jig back. This new system increased transportation capacity from 115 to 1,360 passengers per hour.
The cable cars roll along two 50-millimeter steel track cables made up of 92 steel cables each, tightly secured to the stations.
The cars can carry up to 65 passengers each, and depart every 20 minutes. They are the only ones in the world with 4 fully transparent walls in aviation-industry plexiglass.
Their speed is adjustable and can reach 6 meters per second between Praia Vermelha and Morro da Urca, and 10 meters per second between Morro da Urca and the Sugarloaf mountain. Each part of the ride is completed in three minutes. The cars also have six side wheels that allow for a smoother arrival at the stations.
The bubble-shaped cable cars were launched in 1972, designed exclusively for the Sugarloaf. They measured 6.00m x 3.00m and consisted of a duralumin structure. Conceived and patented by the Italian firm Nardo in 1971, it was awarded at the 4th Mountain Expo in Turin, Italy.


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