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Bar Abençoado
Among the many delicious suggestions in its menu is a new version of the typically Brazilian escondidinho, in which the manioc cream was replaced by a mixture of taro and parsnip, as well as several drinks.
Phn: +55 21- 2275-8925.

Rei do Mate
The franchise specializes in iced mate tea and delicious snacks. One of the most popular combinations is traditionally Brazilian cheese bread with iced mate tea.
Phn: +55 21- 2244-5516.

República da Fruta
Make your own fruit salad from several options of fruits, ice cream, toppings and sprinkles. Phn: +55 21- 2530-8273.


Pão de Açúcar Gourmet
Snacks, juices, coffee and sandwiches. Opening times – every day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Phn: +55 21- 2295-0613.



Pão de Açúcar Shops
Take home a beautiful souvenir. Typically Brazilian articles from several regions of the country made with ecological materials. Phn: +55 21- 3873-4236


Helisight – Helisul
Fly over the most beautiful landscape in Rio, in panoramic flights leaving from the Morro da Urca heliport. Helisight has operated in Brazil since 1970 and accepts reservations by telephone (number +55 21- 2542-7935).

Rio Photo Show
Bring your digital image and choose the scenery: photomontages with the cable car, the sidewalks of Copacabana, Carnaval, etc. Phn: 21- 3873-4238.

The internationally acknowledged jewelry store offers a distinguished line of design jewelry. Phn: 21- 2244-5545.

Loja das Sandálias
Traditional flip flop sandals with guaranteed comfort and varied design. Phn: 21- 2543-3262


Pão de Açúcar Shops
Take home a beautiful souvenir. Typically Brazilian items from several regions of the country, made with renewable materials. Phn: 21- 3873-4240

Amsterdam Sauer
The jewelry design by Amsterdam Sauer has been awarded internationally. Phn: 21 3873-4243

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