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The current lines are equipped with highly sensitive safety devices containing alarms at all key points of the installation. An inspection and survey trip is taken every morning to assure that everything is in order before first passengers arrive.
The entire route is managed and controlled using electronic equipment, which also controls the acceleration and deceleration of the cars. In case of fog, two panels show the exact location of the cars and provide failure warnings.
The systems’ electronic control device checks a total of 47 safety items before clearing each of the departures. The cars do not leave if any alteration is found, such as a door not properly shut, wind speed above the maximum rate of 65 km/h, brake oil pressure below the established limits, etc.
The aerial tramway runs on electric power supplied by Light – the same company supplying the city – and the engine room is equipped with a backup power generator. If even with all the safety measures an emergency occurs, the trained and qualified cabin masters can activate an emergency trapdoor so that passengers can be transported to the ground in a special safety “sack”. The system is one of the safest in the world, according to international standards.

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