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The Baía de Guanabara Space

The Baía de Guanabara space on Morro da Urca offers restaurants, stores and kiosks combining quality gourmet food with an incomparable view of Rio de Janeiro from a height of 227 meters.
The gastronomy and leisure area holds 360 people and will enhance your outing with delightful moments.
Researches show that 50% of the cariocas have never visited the city’s landmark attractions. With this public in mind, Companhia Caminho Aéreo Pão de Açúcar – the Sugaloaf Cable Car Company – decided to build this space. The stone pavement reproduces the classic Copacabana beach walk, the landscaping was designed by the Burle Marx office and the lighting project by Peter Gasper.
The idea is to bring people in for pleasant meals – including breakfast – or simply to enjoy the lovely atmosphere at Morro da Urca.

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